JiVS Platform

JiVS the platform for safe, affordable data management

The JiVS Platform provides all the software tools you need for data management. Whatever individual applications you have installed, with JiVS you can manage your valuable enterprise data absolutely independently of other systems.

JiVS Migration

JiVS Migration – safe migration of all data formats and up to 50% less costs for data migrations

JiVS Migration is a data migration tool that was specially developed for converting IT systems or consolidating single systems. JiVS Migration provides all the tools you need to import data from any source system, to process these (ETL), to create automated test data and to provide the appropriate data format for any kind of target system. Whether you are working with SAP, Baan, JD Edwards or Oracle – JiVS Migration is totally system-independent.

The advantages of JiVS Migration at a glance

  • 50% less migration costs thanks to automated processes for data extraction, analysis, clean-up, merging and provision of the data in SAP standard format
  • Up to 80% less operating costs thanks to direct disposal of your legacy systems
  • Direct fast access to non-migrated data via Intranet
  • Easy provision of the data in various formats (Web Services, Mobile Business Solutions)
  • Pay what you use: you only pay for the modules you use and not for the entire migration tool
  • Standard interfaces (as an option to Master Data Management (MDM) by SAP

JiVS History

JiVS History – safe data archiving with easy access and reduce your operating costs up-to 80% by decommissioning of legacy systems

JiVS History is the archiving tool which we use to historize enterprise data, for example after data migration. Historization, i.e. archiving of enterprise data, is required by law and is imperative. Data have to be available for as long as thirty years in order to clarify product liability issues or to satisfy audit requirements.

JiVS History offers the tools you need to import up to 100% of all your data and documents from any system. In addition JiVS History generates individual views and reports, web sites for browser access, as well as various access permissions.

The advantages and benefits of JiVS History at a glance

  • Archiving of every kind of legacy application like SAP, JD Edwards, Baan, Axapta, Lotus Notes and others
  • Fast implementation through automated data transfer and over 500 predefined business objects
  • Up to 80% reduction in operating costs and short implementation time
  • Faster, easier access to the historized data, for as long as 30 years

JiVS Data Provider

JiVS Data Provider – the cross-platform data hub for company data

JiVS Data Provider is a data hub allowing time-controlled import, process, evaluation and provision of user data from any legacy system. For example: with JiVS Data Provider you can import data periodically into a clearly defined Common Data Structure (CDS), including defined ETL (extract, transform, load) transformations. The CDS created in this way is available immediately for evaluations and can be used by any reporting or BI tool.

The advantages and benefits of JiVS Data Provider at a glance

  • Fulfils all the usual auditing requirements in terms of transparency of data flow and processing
  • One data hub – all evaluation and reporting options
  • Safe data handling with fast access
  • Enhanced data safety through encryption, enabling new scenarios for migration and test management
  • Controlled smooth retention and storage management of any data hold within JiVS History

JiVS Data Provider Document Services

JiVS Data Provider Document Services provides additional functionalities for handling unstructured content.

JiVS Data Provider Document Services is an extension of JiVS which allows professional handling of unstructured documents. This Document Services is fully integrated into JiVS History and provides basic document archiving functionalities.

JiVS Data Provider Document Services offers the following features

  • Automated import of documents from various source system
  • Search and retrieve documents with full text and attributes
  • Update attributes and life cycle management of documents
  • Embedding of external document services like rendition and/or OCR services
  • Stamping of documents
  • User authorisation concept
  • Audit log and statistics

What Analyst Gartner is saying about JiVS

Data Migration is listed in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant “Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement"

The 16 June 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant lists 13 international software suppliers and shows the latest trends and developments on the SDAAR market. SDAAR is standing for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement and covers two main topics:

  • Structured Data Archiving (online Database Archiving)
  • Application Retirement (focus of JiVS History)
JiVS is listed again in the Magic Quadrant and made a big step in the right direction! Especially considering that Gartner has very strict admission criteria, this inclusion is a manifestation of quality and recognition. With our solution JiVS History we provide a highly efficient solution in the application retirement area for the replacement of SAP and other standard systems to offer to our clients. Because many standard interfaces and specifications are already available "out of the box". Further more, we could already prove with our numerous successful projects for international large accounts that JiVS as a strategic application retirement platform also works sustainably well for the replacement of extremely heterogeneous legacy system environments. Also our cloud offering for JiVS has been so well accepted from the market.

Operation costs could be reduced with JiVS - compared to a continued operation of legacy systems - by more than 80 percent. This enables clients to manage their unstructured and structured data in a unique cost-effective way and to use it over many years with the best possible TCO. Which is a contrast to many other supplies that are consistently too expensive in operation and too inflexible for users and in its actual field of use. With several hundred discontinued systems due to the use of JiVS History, Data Migration AG is market leader for large enterprises and international corporations. Reference clients are companies like Alstom, SABMiller or Deutsche Telekom.

Gartner the world's leading information technology research and advisory company has confirmed by the lastest 2015 report that JiVS is progressing in the right direction within the Application Retirement space and has confirmed:

  • Superior TCO for Application retirement of a broad variety of Legacy Applications such as SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle and other ERP Applications
  • Superior implementation and deployment times in large global enterprises
  • Leader in cloud deployment models for Application retirement

IDW PS880 Certification

JiVS has passed the Certification regarding IDW PS880

This certification documents that JiVS meets the requirements regarding commercial and tax law. Accordingly, the JiVS software fulfils the requirement criteria for regularity and security, which are seen as key to audibility. The following main areas of the JiVS software has been tested:

  • Data transfer with JiVS History
  • Configuration options to fulfil all compliance requirements
  • Structure and accessibility of stored documents and data
  • Access to data within the GDPdU (especially Z3 export)
The full report of regarding the IDW PS880 certification can be found here