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"Leader in Cloud Deployment models for Application Retirement"
Analyst Gartner, 2015


JiVS as a Service

Fast and secure legacy retirement delivered out of the Cloud

JiVS History is used for legacy system decommissioning for every size of companies and all industries. Data Migration Services is providing a fully hosted managed service that includes everything to get started and to run JiVS History. This tailored and highly optimized services is named JiVS as a Services (JaaS).

JiVS as a Services can be configured in different ways and allows customers to leverage an existing Cloud infrastructure. The JiVS service can be delivered as a SaaS, but also in combination of a PaaS and comes with predefined Service Levels, tailored to the needs for such retirement services. With a wide range of technology and service partners JiVS as a Service can run in a dedicated private, but also in public cloud environment. The following technology and service partner are used to implement the JiVS as a Service platform:

Cloud Partner

JiVS Methodology

Guaranteed success for every project

The JiVS Methodology is the foundation of our projects success. It is supported by the JiVS platform in every individual use case. Up to now, JiVS Method has been used in more than 200 projects and is enhanced and optimized with each additional project.

The basic ideas of JiVS Method seems simple at a first glance, but for that, it is even more effective:

As opposed to conventional methods, with the JiVS Method we do not simply transfer all existing data, but tidy them up at the same time. The whole procedure can be compared to moving house: We don’t just move the cardboard boxes from A to B, but take the opportunity to do a thorough clearing-out at the same time.

Once we have completed our work, you have absolutely top-quality data at your disposal. In the long run this saves more time, effort and costs than any fast migration procedure.

Solution Assessment

The fast way to an ideal solution

At the beginning of every project, the possible solutions must be assessed. Thanks to the tremendous experience we have gained from successful projects we are able to compile you an ideal solution from existing modules after you have given us a brief description of the tasks. In the solution assessment phase, we refine this approach together with you. This course of action considerably reduces your blueprint and project planning effort.

Implementation Services

Work faster, safer and better with JiVS

The choice of what method to use in a project is just as important as the products applied or the required resources. A mature method speeds up the project, optimizes quality, minimizes friction loss and lowers the risk of unpredicted events, while guaranteeing the required communication and outward transparency.

Our many years of experience help us to develop not only high-quality products, but also the methods to go with them. These include project methods, bundling products and consulting services in solutions, as well as optional solution assessment in the project development phase.