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Migration to S/4 HANA

Optimize implementation and run costs for SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S/4 HANA creates unique opportunities to dramatically simplify customers' IT and innovate faster. It enables significantly reduce data footprint and allows to work larger data sets by brining transactions and analytics together into a single in-memory platform. With SAP S/4 HANA no indices, aggregates, and data redundancies once and for all is needed.

However the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA can become cost intensive, because of the required hardware, license and maintenance costs. Most of the cost elements are depending on the size of the data. This is why it is helpful to work out an optimal migration strategy for your data before you move your applications to the new SAP S/4 HANA platform. Every GB or TB of data you do not need to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA can lowers the entire implementation and run costs significantly and helps you also in achieving a better TCO. To achieve this goal the amount of data to be migrated to SAP S/4 HANA must be reduced to the minimum of needed master and transactional data. Starting with SAP S/4 HANA based on a "greenfield approach" will ultimately reduce the amount of data. In this case you only migrate the required master data to the new platform. Even if you have to migrate some historical transactional data you should always start with the minimum set of data in the target SAP S/4 HANA environment.

To allow you to start with a minimum set of data in your SAP S/4 HANA environment, you have to ensure that the none migrated data will remain readable and accessible for the defined period of time. Such historical information must be kept for 10 or even much more years for your internal users, but also for external auditors. This is exactly what the JiVS History solution offers and allows you to easily access your historical data without the need to maintain the legacy application.

By archiving your historical data with JiVS History and migration only the data you need to SAP S/4 HANA you can reduce the implementation and run costs for SAP S/4 HANA. Please read more about JiVS History here

Migration Split

System splitting with JiVS: migrate data from a source system to several target systems

If your data stock is to be divided up, for example in the case of a company carve-out, the JiVS Platform can speed up this process considerably and, what’s more, improve data quality. Using JiVS Migration, first select the data that you want to detach and extract from the source system; in doing so you can clean them up at the same time. The data are now stored in the JiVS database in a neutral format.

Normally, not all the data are required for further use in the target system. Nevertheless, they have to be fully available in case of an audit. JiVS History stores 100% of the data, irrelevant of what source and target systems are used, and these can be intelligently accessed at any time.

Now you can use JiVS Migration to integrate the desired data into the target system. The entire process is simple, transparent, fast and flexible.

Migration Merger

System merging with JiVS: migrate data from different source system to a target systems

JiVS Platform helps you to save considerable costs and time by integrating data stocks from several source systems into one single target system and at the same time cleaning up the data. All kinds of source and target systems are supported.

Change of system

Change of system with JiVS: Migration from system to system

With the JiVS platform you can manage release updates from systems by any manufacturer. JiVS Migration helps you to extract data from your legacy system. With JiVS platform you can then tidy up your data and with JiVS History cou can archive your historical data to be audit-compliant. Then you can shut-down your legacy system!

You only import the data that you will be needing in the future into your new system. You can set up your new system from scratch using a "greenfield approach".


System harmonization and consolidation with JiVS: Migration from several source systems to one target system

JiVS Platform helps you to save considerable costs and time by integrating data stocks from several source systems into one single target system and at the same time cleaning up the data. All kinds of source and target systems are supported.

JiVS Data Provider generates joint reports from various source systems, JiVS Migration migrates selected data from legacy systems into the new target system, JiVS History historizes 100% of your legacy data from all participating systems, including their logical structure, so that they are audit conferment. JiVS Platform - a platform which enables you to carry out your entire data management comfortably and at an affordable price.


Upgrade with JiVS: Change of release by SAP

One typical application example for the JiVS Platform is, for example, an SAP release update. Often, legacy systems are still operated simply to provide access to historical data. On the JiVS Platform, release updates are no problem. What’s more, they are an inexpensive option. With JiVS History, existing data are historized, regardless of the system involved.

With JiVS Migration, the data are cleaned up and exported to the new system.The legacy system can then be shut down. The data are still fully accessible. Only those data that are really needed are exported to the new system.


Shutting down systems with JiVS: Historization of legacy systems.

Often, previously-used systems are kept in operation simply to allow access to historical data. This involves license costs, often causes operation costs of hardware which is basically obsolete, not to mention servicing costs. And all this effort just to be able to access data if ever the need arises. JiVS can help you eliminate these costs! JiVS History imports the data from any source system and archives them, including their logical structure, in a neutral format. You can access them from here whenever you wish.


Secure data with JiVS

Who has not heard about companies suffering from data theft. To manage data secure is a major issue for companies. This also results in the effect, that data migration projects don’t use near- or offshore possibilities, even if a significant cost reduction could be realized.
With JiVS you are secure!

JiVS Data Provider offers integrated encryption/obfuscating on any data. This enables e.g. to enhance the data safety within JiVS History Data or enables JiVS Migration projects to run the migration part near- or offshore as well as the ERP System implementation.


Reporting with JiVS: Consolidating data from various systems.

With JiVS, you can consolidate similarly structured data from any systems in a common data structure and provide these for further use. The JiVS Platform is also used to clean up the data and for data historization.

Document Archiving

Document Archiving with JiVS: Smart archiving of millions of documents

Document Archiving is how companies stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents and/or records. According to ISO 12651-2, a document is "recorded information or object which can be treated as a unit". With the JiVS Data Provider Document Archiving solution it is possible to manage such electronic records easily.

JiVS provides a complete document archiving framework and incorporates the basic functionalities such as importing, verifying, attribute search, full-text search, retrieve and display of archived documents. The JiVS framework can be extended by 3rd party document tools like OCR, Rendition, and more.

Retention and Storage Management

Flood of data under control with JiVS

It gets more and more important for companies to know and actively manage their data. Often data is not deleted because of lack of overview, even if legal and business requirements would allow it. Are companies then confronted with litigation, all available data are relevant. With all its consequences. Growing data volume and therefore higher requirements on storage and backup do please appropriate provider, but not your budget.

Through active management of data with JiVS the volume and content keeps predictable!

JiVS Data Provider offers integrated retention and storage management of any data. A typical data lifecycle consist a productive ERP System which is then migrated to an new System, filled with operational data eg. with JiVS Migration. No anymore active data can be historized to JiVS History, and than with the retention management be managed. This allows controlled, selective destruction of data, independent of its origin. This also reduces data volume and keeps companies anytime compliant and able to provide information they have to.